East New York Rezoning

For the last two years, UCC has spearheaded the fight to preserve East New York for East New Yorkers. East New York is the first of 15 NYC neighborhoods slated for commercial and residential rezoning. UCC is a member of the steering committee of the Coalition for Community Advancement: Progress for East New York and Cypress Hills. The Coalition was formed in late 2014, once the rezoning plan was proposed.


The City’s rezoning plan for East New York includes plans to build 6,500 new apartments with half of those marked as affordable housing. We spent the last year working with residents and local businesses, rallying with them, meeting with elected officials, in order to ensure East New Yorkers are able to stay in their neighborhood. In April of 2016, the rezoning plan passed the NYC Council with a 45-1 vote. This was a blow to The Coalition and to all those who fought for a new plan that was more in tune with the economic realities of East New York.

The fight is not over. We have a strong commitment to this community. The Coalition is now tasked with monitoring the rezoning, overseeing the process and holding the City accountable to East New York residents, and ensuring that their concerns about gentrification, affordability, local jobs, and community infrastructure are addressed.