Volunteer Opportunities At The UCC

Volunteers make great things happen at UCC. From helping us give a fresh coat of paint to our classrooms, to fixing furniture, we welcome individuals and groups looking for opportunities to make a difference in our community.
Corporate Groups Welcome!


Internship Opportunities & Community Service Hours

We offer both design and health education internships and community service projects for high school students living in or going to school in East New York. All community service hours and internship projects are for credit.

Community service projects are either design-based or communications-based. Students as part of their community service will learn about how HIV/AIDS is affecting the East New York community and will write and design educational and multimedia materials to help inform their peers and communities.

Community Health Education interns will learn about the need for sexual health education in East New York as a part of HIV prevention. 
Interns interested in communications will learn what makes educational materials effective and will help produce materials, including brochures and postcards.
Interns interested in education will learn what makes educational workshops engaging, and will have the opportunity to develop and help facilitate a workshop, a mini workshop, or a health education demo.

For more information, please contact Deidre Miller, Project Director of Protecting The East.
Email: dmiller@ucceny.org; Phone: (718) 649-7979 ext 20.

Join Our Board

We're looking for new members to join our board, especially professional men and women who can help us locate and secure grants, provide financial advice and services, or provide legal assistance.

Our Board Members bring with them new avenues for UCC to explore, and in exchange, they enjoy the opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact in our neighborhood.

Whether you’re from East New York or somewhere else, your energy and skills can help our organization grow. To find out more about Board Member opportunities, please call 718-649-7979 for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Work on Our Farm. We host Open Volunteer Days at the UCC Youth Farm the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from April to October, 10AM-2PM. Come get your hands dirty and learn about gardening! Contact Roy at (718) 649-7979 or [email protected]

Bake Sale. Our early childhood program organizes regular bake sales to support our field trips. We welcome volunteers to contribute muffins/cupcakes for bake sales, or food for fish fry sales.

Assemble Outreach Condom Packages.  We have a community-wide free condom distribution program, where we distribute about 30,000 condoms a month to business partners and in small packages to individuals.  We assemble approximately 300 hundred packages of condom every week, and could always use the support of volunteers.

Distribute Flyers.  We want people around our community to know what we are doing.  If you want to help us, volunteer to distribute flyers advertising upcoming community events!

One-to-one tutoring for Elementary School Children. We have children at UCC from 6 PM to 8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our adult ESL class time. We are asking for volunteer tutors to help elementary-aged children with their homework while their parents are attending classes. You don't need special skills to tutor, but you must be able to commit at least once a week, have a high school education, and be interested in helping children ages 5-10 with their homework.

Painting. Every wall, door or window frame wants a fresh coat of paint once a year. We host scheduled painting days to help our building look it’s freshest. Call or stay tuned to learn about the next one!

Ready to sign up to volunteer? Want to find out about other opportunities to give your time to other programs or during other times of the year? Register here or call us! (718) 649-7979

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